radiator problem

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memph | 17:19 Tue 23rd Dec 2008 | DIY
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we have just had a radiator installed,the inlet pipe is hot and the radiator is full but the radiator and the return pipe are still cold.ihave shut down every other radiator in the house at both valves but still no heat.i have now completely emptied the rad to check the valves are opening and they are i'm now out of idea's.what can i do.please help


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Hi Memph...........could you tell me...........
1 new or old rad?
2 replacement or new installation
3 if new, where exactly did you get the flow and return feeds from

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this is a brand new radiator and installed in a new position in the conservatory,the feed and return are taken from a kick board heater in the kitchen which has never been used so the pipework was disconected and lengthened into the conservatory.apparently the kick board heater comes straight off the central heating system.please help i'm frantically trying to get this working for xmas
the trv may be sticking .
take off the valve head and you will find a small pin in the centre, take this out and clean it.there is a tiny tiny spill of water. the last pin i took out , i cleaned with my fingernail and a rub of fine emery paper.
i am of course assuming that the trv is used and not new
good luck and have a merry xmas
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not using TRV's on this radiator just straight valves
I can only conclude that there is a blockage in the pipework to the original kickboard rad, Memph.
Did you try the original kickboard rad (even though you say you haven't been using it) to see that water would flow around to it, perchance?
Have you got that mini 10mm pipework running to and from the original circuit?
I'm running out of ideas.
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i have got 10 mm pipe to all the other rads and i think the flow and return to the kick board heater is 10 mm but then converts to 15 mm flexi hoses which is what i have spurred the new radiator from.i have never used the kick board heater as even though there is a water supply the electrics for the fan has never been connected
turn the heating+ pump off then if you close the valve that is/was getting hot and leave the cold valve fully open are you still getting water from the bleed valve if not then you you must have a blockage you could try some descale first before a strip down and pos replace with 10mm through (15mm may be air locking) doubtful though hth Tez
you could try this as you did before with all other rad valves closed but beware of (hopefully) high pressure from the bleed nipple hth Tez
as BM said............running out of ideas here..................really scraping the barrel, but, I've known (rare) flexi hoses to collapse internally....any way of checking?

Also............don't throw anything at me, but, do the flexis have a quarter turn valve built in to them that might be "off".................
"i have got 10 mm pipe to all the other rads and i think the flow and return to the kick board heater is 10 mm but then converts to 15 mm flexi hoses which is what i have spurred the new radiator from"

here may lie your problem, minibore is not suitable for supplying more than one applience

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i haven't spurred off of the kickboard heater but disconnected the heater completely as i have never used it and then extended off the flexi hoses through the wall into the next room using 15mm copper pipe and connected them to the radiator using straight valves not TRV's
Have you sorted out this problem yet? can you believe i have the very same problem. 10mm feed to conservatory. hot on feed side ,cold rad and cold return. please tell me you have sorted it! waiting in anticipation

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