installing a telephone socket!!! Urgent Help Required!!!

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wroenaldinho | 00:00 Thu 27th Nov 2008 | DIY
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hi, i have installed a new telephone socket today replacing the old white one that bt originally installed with a shiny chrome one, when i took the white one off it looked fairly easy to install, so i just tried swapping the wires over however the terminal blocks were different on the chrome as they were labelled 1,2,3 on the left and 4,5,6 or something like that, and the old white one was labelled a,b,c or something like that, so i got the blue/white one out of (the white one) and put it in terminal block 2 on the new one, and took white/blue one out of (the white one) and put that in terminal block 5 on the new one and left the rest of the wires like the orange and whatever colours else there was rolled up like bt had left them!

however i can use my sky+ still and my broadband but i have no dial tone so i cant make a phone call, but when some one calls the phone rings but i cant hear anything and they cant hear me!




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Try here. Click on the links for alternative socket wiring. (By the way, If the original master socket was installed by BT, it's supposedly illegal to remove or replace it ).
heathfields link should sort out the problem,
the odd thing is broadband will work with only one wire connected !! i had an external BT problem ( wire broken at the telegraph pole ) where my broadband worked but couldnt make or receive calls completely threw me until the BT engineer explained it to me.
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cheers people for the assistancemanaged to fix it now using a proper krone tool! sod BT the rip off merchants!

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installing a telephone socket!!! Urgent Help Required!!!

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