Moving Elecric Meter and Fuse Box

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candiceH | 18:27 Fri 15th Aug 2008 | DIY
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Hi. Any advice? I am having my electric meter moved from a position inside the house to an external wall. My question is - do I have to move the fuse box as well? i.e. Does it have to be a certain distance away from the main meter? And if I move the fuse box, will that mean doing an entire re-wire of the house or can they just extend the existing wires to reach the new fuse box position? Thanks!


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Hi Candice

No you don't need to have the fuse box moved. Whoever is doing it for you will simply wire it into the existing fuse box. (or consumer unit as it's called now!)
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Sorry knobs - I stand corrected.

Just added it in in case whoever was doing the work referred to it in that way.
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No problem knobbs, didn't take offence. I'm not that sensitive (although so many people here are! lol :-)
c.c.u. stands for consumer control unit
candice a few questions
what is the distance from the unit to the meters new position
when was the last inspection of the electrical system, if you know
are they re wireable fuses or modern circuit breakers
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Thanks for help so far. The electric board are moving the meter to an outside position, but they said I have to have an electrician connect the meter to the fuse box (ccu). At the moment the fuse box is an old style, but will need to be updated anyway. The distance between the new meter position and the existing fuse box will be about 6 metres. Basically, I'm trying to avoid having to move the fuse box as I fear it'll create the need for a whole house re-wire. Don't know when last electrical inspection was done, but guess it would have been quite some years ago..... Many thanks again! c

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Moving Elecric Meter and Fuse Box

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