idiots guide to blocking off an internal door required

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simep | 23:23 Mon 26th May 2008 | DIY
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hi, with the credit crunch looming and money a bit tight, I've decided to attempt some minor home improvements! I am looking to block an internal door that goes from my kitchen into the utilty room. Does anyone have a simple guide as to the easiet way of doing it? Regards, Simon


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Remove old door and architraving around edge.
Fill hole using 100mm x 50mm wood partitioning (assuming depth of existing wall is 100mm plus the plastering). You can nail this into the existing doorframe plus maybe use a bit of PVA adhesive. Make sure the frame is narrow enough such that applying 13mm plasterboard on each side (next step) still results plasterboard being slightly less than existing plaster surface.
Attach a piece of 13mm plasterboard each side of the frame. Screw using something like 6 x 38mm screws.
Commission a plasterer to skim the surfaces for you to bring them up flush to the existing surface (he will need between 3 - 8mm of depth)
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Hi and thanks for the answer. When you say fill hole, do you mean horizontal and vertical inserts? Thanks again , Si
I'd nail 3 pieces, into the top and one each side. Then put in horizontal pieces at about 600mm centres from the floor upwards. Cut the horizontals so they fit in flush against the verticals up each side already put in, then nail them (nails at angles) into the vertical pieces. Produces a stud partition of 2 verticals and 4 horizontals in total.
it would be easier if you just measure the total width of existing door frame with the architraves off because that will be in line with existing plaster both sides of wall then get some ( R/S ) rough sawn timber cut down by the timber merchant to this size minus the thickness of X2 (12.5mm thick plaster boards or 25mm) plus 3or4 mm for plaster skim to build the studding frame as b/m suggest leaving 12.5 each side +skim this method though still has the old frame showing on the plaster finish so depending on final coverage you may have to consider removal of old frame and fix studding back to the brickwork HTH Tez

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idiots guide to blocking off an internal door required

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