How much should it cost ??power flush

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novicediy | 19:25 Tue 29th Jan 2008 | DIY
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The gas board advised a power flush for my central heating system (15 radiators) What is it and how much I expect to pay living in the southeast area


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Ive just had a new boiler fitted and they charged an extra �300=00 for power flush for the whole system, this was because they were already on site. I understand that British Gas always specify power flush when they fit a new boiler to ensure that the boiler warranty is OK. In the south east by the way.
in scotland i was quoted around �450 to �500 for a radiator flush on a 7 radiator house if necessary by british gas.You can buy flushing soloution from b&q for �15 to �20 and flush the system yourself .

H T H ?
Well BG are telling everyone that they need a power flush, its one of their new cons to makes lots of money, get yourself a one man self employed gas man.
It is good practice And meets building regulations to flush a system when installing a new boiler in exchange for an old one. If not done the instalation does not comply with Building regs and the maufacture will not honour the guarantee if the benchmark procedures have not been adheared to.
It is also often needed in existing systems when if they have not been regulary maintained and inhibitor levels checked and topped up annually and a build up of scale and sludge has occoured often noticed due to cold spots on radiators, rads not getting hot enough, noises from the boiler, having to bleed rads too often and premature pump failures. I Charge �40 per rad here in Yorkshire. You can flush the system you're self as Legend002 suggests but he does'nt mention a powerflush machine costs around �1000 to buy plus chemical cleaning agents and inhibitors and then you need to know how to use it properly and safely and how to bypass pumps and boilers etc...
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Thank you for all responses, I did not have new boiler fitted but had a noisy pump which B gas said I need a power flush Also a couple of my radiators are not very hot. I do not think I am brave enough to do the flush my self. and is still confuse as to how this is done. From seaching the web there appears that there are two ways to do this one way to leave chemical in system for a couple of days and then drain system follows by anti corrosive solution. Another way is to flush system under pressure with chemicals till clear and fill system with anti- corrosive solution stright after. My question is which is the better way ??? And if one rediator cost approx �40 does it mean it will cost me 1K or so to do the job by a plumber
a powerflush is definately the best method of cleaning out a system, here in birmingham britsh gas charge 650 for a powerflush whereas a guy we know who works on his own does it for 400 so its worth shopping aroound.
The power flush should have been done before the new boiler was fitted.
trev novice didn't say he had a new boiler try reading all the post.
novicediy IF you are feeling brave and cost is an issue you could after freeing the relevant radiator valves off to see if that improves the heat on individual rads, make sure valves are working then drain and remove the rad if needed and flush them out yourself biggish job though you may need help cover carpets well before removal outside to flush with water jets to remove black sludge.
A genuine plumber should be able to identify and give estimates for work on faulty valves or other with the system that doesn't necessarily need a power flush and probable leaks after. HTH Tez
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Cost is an issue I will try what you suggested (think I can take the radiator off) How do I find out if the values are faulty or not
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if the whole radiator is cool rather than having cool spots then it could be a sticking trv, unscrew the head off the trv and see if the pin moves freely or is sticking. try spraying some lubricant on the pin and then pushing it in and out a few times to work the lubricant onto the shaft. also try gently tapping the side of the valve with a spanner to loosen it up.
if you do remove the radiator to flush it out yourself then be aware that if u turn the trv to zero or off it can still leak water if the weather is very cold, your meant to remove the heads and screw on the blanking cap which forces the pin down so the valve is shut, trouble is very few householders have the caps (the caps come with the valves)
A 15 radiator system around �600 would the going rate
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Thank you all for your answers Rang plumber last night wanted �600 cash to power flush Just as you said Gasman, So I will let the professional to do the job. Hopefully , wife happy after that
Should be £300-£550 depending on area. Always use a registered member of the Powerflush Association to prevent the cowboys.

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How much should it cost ??power flush

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