kitchen in conservatory???

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fluffy apple | 12:49 Mon 01st Oct 2007 | DIY
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Am moving to a house which has quite a large space to the side of my house in the garden. I would like to put my kitchen in this space as I already have a back door going into this space.

I'd like it to let as much light in as pos. Now I no I couldn't do it as a conservatory for safety reasons. Any other ideas that would cost similar to conservatory??

Replies would be appreciated


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A kitchen is a habitable room for the purposes of the Building Regulations. A habitable room is one of these:

A room occupied or designed for occupancy by one or more persons for study, living, sleeping, eating and kitchen if it is used as a living room, but not including bathroom, water closet compartments, laundries, serving and storage pantries, corridors, cellars, attics and spaces that are not used frequently or during extended periods.

Conservatories are not subject to BRs unless they are large, but you can't make it into a kitchen - not for safety reasons, but because it makes it habitable.

The definition of a conservatory is something which has a translucent roof (can't remember what proportion of roof.

Conservatories are often cheap because they aren't built to BR standards - although many are quite good quality structures, invariably they let a lot of heat out so don't satisfy thermal requirements of BR.

What you need is a kitchen extension, and that will have to satisfy BR in the way it is constructed.
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Thanks Buildersmate.

So kitchen in conservatory..bad idea?

The kitchen extension sounds exspensive. Any Ideas how much roughly? Not including actual cabinets as I no how much they will be.

Unless the room is constructed to meet Building Regs, it can't be a kitchen - Building Control won't wear it.
Most conservatories do not meet BR because they let too much heat out of the translucent panels - so they don't satisfy BR. QED.
Therefore you need a room (extension) that meets BR. It could have an insulated flat roof, it must have cavity walls and properly constructed foundations - all of which are part of meeting BR.
Impossible to guestimate a price. Talk to a couple of local builders about your ideas.
my kitchen is part of my conservatory
the kitchen was 5 foot wide and 10 foot long so the company removed the outside wall and put the conservatory up to make it square ( it was an L shape at the back of the house.
The units and sink are on one side and I have a large island in the middle. the conservatory part has double doors to outside and a sofa and table and chairs.
I love it best thing we ever did had it up 4 years now.
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Great what you have explained is exactly what I want. So your kitchen is completly in your conservatory???

Have you got a glass roof or plastic.

My cooker etc will be against my outside wall and the roof coming off from this wall. Is that how you mean yours is?

Is the main part of your kitchen in your house and then you have knocked through put the conservatory on to open the space though??
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my kitchen was an add on piddly space so they removed the outside wall completely, the sink some units and the cooker are still in the kitchen bit but the rest is in the conservatory and they are completely joined. I would ask a conservartory company to come and see if what you want is feasible, it may be the rules have changed (again) but ask a few for quotes, mine cost �18000 4 years ago but that included moving all the drains as well.
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Great thankyou. Yes your kitchen sounds very similar to my piddley one aswell!!

As soon as I move will get the quotes in.

Thanks again toad hall
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kitchen in conservatory???

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