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milldoll | 21:56 Tue 16th Jan 2007 | DIY
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Has anyone any experience of this damp proofing method, please? Good, bad or indifferent!
also, I've pulled the paper off the outside wall in the front room and it is VERY damp...sticky from the paste and now I've got a rampant growth of white fluffy mould.My house is an old cottage...maybe mid 1800's. Signs of old dp course on front wall
Help please!!!!!


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We installed the Schrijver system almost two years ago. Our walls where suffering from rising damp, and we had a musty smell in the bedrooms and bathroom. In the beginning we have been quite skeptic, we already had a chemical injections before but this didn�t had any effect. In the first few months after installing the System we didn�t notice any deferent�s, though then the smell disappeared, and in less then a year the walls dried out completely. I would recommend the system to anyone with a damp problem.

Good luck,

Peter Wood
Question Author
thanks for the answer....very strange as the plasterer and I were discussing it only an hour ago....spooky, eh!!!
However, I'm glad to hear a positive result as thereports I've looked at so far seemed less than happy. My next door neighbours had it put in around 3 months ago....a little too soon to give positive results.
I may get a couple of quotes on the strength of your reply.

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