Which Vacuum Cleaner?

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jackthehat | 17:04 Thu 18th Feb 2021 | DIY
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Here at Hat Towers we are having a lot of interior works done.
We have had lath & plaster walls removed and replaced with plasterboard and skim.
We have had masonry walls channeled out and new downlights set in ceilings.
As a result, we have chunks of stuff all over the floors and brick/plaster-dust on absolutely everything.

I don't want to sacrifice any of our domestic vacuum cleaners to cleaning up before the decorators move in so I would like to know if anyone has any recommendations for a make of cleaner which is good enough to deal with all of the above.

I'm sure that the Builders will make a good effort to clean up after themselves but it's never going to be a clean as we would like, or as we will need it to be in fairly short order.

Many thanks.


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Every builder, decorator etc that I’ve used all have a Henry. I’ve never used one myself, but they seem to do the job very well.
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Thanks, Cloverjo.
When we have had small jobs done, the contractor has used a Henry, as you say......I just wonder how they would cope with the volume of likely detritus we may be left with.

We are considering hiring rather than buying.
The major tool hire places have good quality industrial vacs, Jack
Makita, that sort of thing.

Well worth renting one.
why not look on facebook
there will be a local things for free group
look on it or ask fore an older vacuum
the older models are more powereful than new models
and there is often an older one being gifted on these groups
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Thanks, johnny.5.
But I think any 'ordinary' vacuum cleaner will be clogged-up before we have got terribly far. We really don't want to kill one that someone else could put to good use.

Thanks, MrBuilder.
Do you have a recommendation of the size/wattage we ought to look for?
HSS have branches near you, Jack.
I know it's not cheap, but a "site vacuum" would be best for the work you're having done.
Around 1500watts
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Thankyou very much, Mr Builder.
I have bookmarked that page.
We have a an old Henry which has a 1100W motor and it's brilliant for picking up plaster, nails etc. The new ones are far less powerful.

I'd go for one of these - the reviews are very good.

You can always keep it in the garage for jobs that might damage your indoor vac.

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