Washing Machine Cold Water Feed Valve Stuck On

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raybush | 13:10 Sun 27th Sep 2020 | DIY
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I've got to replace our washing machine which normally an easy job .

Problem i've got this time is the cold water valve is stuck on ,i've put some WD on the little spindle (under the blue snib) to see if that will free it.

My mains stop valve works to a fashion , but lets a little bit of water through. Unfortunately ,i haven't got another valve that i can open that is lower than the washer valve which would have taken the pressure away from the washer valve. If the washer valve doesn't move ,could i as a last resort either, freeze the old supply pipe from the valve to the old washer ,which i believe will fit the new washer as its the same make or ,could i,(with the mains off )clamp the pipe from the valve to the washer with a pair of mole grips to stop any water flow and then put this onto the new washer ,remove the clamp .
I know i'm delaying replacing the washer valve ,but it gets me out of trouble for now.


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And if you split the old supply pipe then you are in trouble.
Yes, if you're desperate, turn off the main stop cock, clamp the hose to the old washer (just to be safe), disconnect from old machine, connect to new machine, turn all water back on and CHECK FOR LEAKS.
Ray, you've taken off the blue lever. I would just try a pair of pliers or a small pipe wrench to free it.
It's only a simple quarter-turn valve. I can't think of any reason why it should be quite so solid.

But............ as has been said, turn of the main stopcock as best you can, and have your new machine standing by if it still refuses to move.
Best of all would be to use a "freezer kit" somewhere just before the valve, undo it and replace.
Your gunna need a bigger hammer.
There might be a second water shut off stopcock by the water meter.
It's a good job Hoppers is here.
I should have thought of that. Even if you don't have a meter, you will have a stopcock in the pavement/road.

//stopcock in the pavement/road.//

That's what I was thinking
Stop cock in the road is fine but it might be 3ft down a hole and difficult to reach without a special tool (or a piece of wood with a "V" cut out of it. If you have a meter it might be nearer to the surface.
Take the blue lever off and use a small adjustable spanner to turn the valve, remember it will only turn 1/4 of a turn.
Within this last week I saw a nifty wee gadget for changing water valves - open the valve put the gadget through the valve into the pipe - rotate it and it expands blocking off the water - then simply straighten the device so that the valve slides over the device and hey presto - fitting and new valve is just the reverse.
Don't ask me what it is called - but I wish I had one.

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Washing Machine Cold Water Feed Valve Stuck On

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