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woodchopper | 11:42 Sun 19th Jul 2020 | DIY
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We have a living room door that swings open by itself - there are no draughts to push it and opens from a few mm to almost fully open - not very fast, but is so annoying unless it is latched close. The door is not binding on anything and the hinges are set the same distance into the post.
Is it a case of it not being plumb/vertical?


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Not directly answering your question but do you know you can get self-closing hinges which are a straight replacement for the old hinges?

Sometimes it can be as simple as putting a piece of card under one of the hinges which will stop it happening.
Without rehanging the door you can inhibit the door from opening by slightly(note slightly) one or both of the hinge pins. The top hinge pin is easier to remove. Go to the side of the door that exposes the hinges when it is closed and on the catch. Pack the door, to prevent it moving, on all four sides with cardboard or little wooden shims. Then knock out the hinge pin with a nail and a hammer. You will need a nail that is thinner than the pin and possibly longer. Then give the pin a clout to put a little bow into it. Replace the hinge pin. Remember that before you attempt this you will need all the tools usually pliers and a hammer, the nail, the shim material , and something to put the pin on when you clout it. The sideboard or hearth is not a good idea.
//slightly(note slightly) one or both of the hinge pins.///
Should read...
slightly(note slightly) bending one or both of the hinge pins.
Do you have a spirit level? If not you can make a simple one from some string and some weights, bolts will do, hang it up it will hang vertically, measure gap between top and bottom and it will let you know how much of a spacer you need.
You are not alone Woody. Even after hanging hundreds of doors, it can still drive me mad.
Definitely a case of not being truly vertical. A door may be fitted perfectly, but if the lining (door frame) is not plumb, this will happen.
The trouble is, doors operated in three dimensions. (I know, it's mathematically only two, but you have to think of it in three when trying to compensate.)
Fix one dimension, and the other one will go out of plumb. Togo has made a cracking good attempt at dealing with it, but it really is one of those things that are easily carried out, but almost impossible to describe. You just have to be there.

Anyway, go with bhg. Google "self-closing hinges" or even the old-type "rising butts". (So much in Building sounds porny, doesn't it?)
bhg's Screwfix link is good. Standard size is 3" or 76mm. But you may have 4" (100mm) or even 2 1/2 " (65mm).
I wish I could come and sort your existing hinges for you. It wouldn't take me very long.
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Got it sorted - sort of - checked the plumb with a laser sight/level and was leaning 2-3mm to the right side at the top as you look at the door with the hinges on the left. So just packed the remains of a couple layers of cornflakes packet behind the hinge.
In the old days, Woody, that would have been fag packets :o)

Well done

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