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Just-Jane | 18:20 Sat 04th Apr 2020 | DIY
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I want to mount my small (24" ) tv on the wall. Ideally I would prefer to put it on a (floating)shelf but can't find a product which would also hide the tv adaptor from view. I don't know whether a wall mounting would hide the adaptor either. Could anyone please suggest a solution.


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Do you really need a shelf ?
One option is a wall mount for your tv ( assuming it is a flat screen). The adapter could be bundled behind the tv and held together with and loose wires using cable ties.
Another option would be to mount some self adhesive plastic trunking on the wall, running it up to the tv and conceal the cables within it.
More info really needed .. type of wall, what adapter, length of lead, distance from power source .. but it is without doubt do-able.
Firstly floating shelves are not particularly good load bearing shelves. What is the "tv adaptor"? As Alava has already it a flat screen tv? Does the TV conform to the VESA(Video Electronics Standards Association) requirements and have the 4 hole mounting points set at to the agreed standard?

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Shelf/Wall Mounting Tv

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