Secure Fixing Into Old Breeze Block

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derekpara | 17:38 Tue 18th Dec 2018 | DIY
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I have a wall mounted electrical outlet fixed onto a breeze block/cinder bedroom wall. The box has become loose and I want to refix it securely without having to relocate it.
The house is of 1920s vintage so the blocks will be of the crumbly type.
The socket is in frequent use with 13amp plugs being plugged in and removed every day. It hasn't come away completely but I want to fix it before it does.

There seem to be a wide range of fixings on the market but I would welcome any recommendations/suggestions.




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Fill screw holes with ChemTek or something similar, Araldite etc, then press your rawlplugs into the soft mix. Wait until it hardens, then refix the screws.
Derek if it's within your abilities, and expertise, I Would remove front of socket, put some chock blocks on wires and cover with some insulation tape. Then refix the wall box wit filler having just knocked some of the side / back wire feed partically holes to allow the the filler to ouze through, let it go of, then reconnect the outlet.
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I wish I could give you both a 'Best Answer' grade ! Both solutions are within my capability so thanks to you both.

Happy Xmas.

Derek glad I could help you. Christmas still a week away lol
Used to come across this problem a lot, often after the man of the house had made an attempt at drilling a hole. What was left was often loose and crumbling.
It was a simple easy fix using 'Fischer wet n fix pads'.
All you do is get the pad, dip it in water and then wrap the pad around your wall plug. Just tap the plug into the hole until it is level. In less than five minutes you will be able to really tighten a screw into the plug.
I use them all the time especially curtain pole fixing.
The patches are about £5 for 10 available at wickes.
Have a look on youtube and see how easy they are to use.
That's useful alavahalf, I'll try that next time, thanks. I had this problem a few years ago and I couldn't get any filler to bind so ended up drilling a hole through the wall and bolting from the other side (recessing it of course to hide it) but it was very messy.
Canary must say never had to go those extremes even on wattle and dawb
I'm not the best DIYer Tony ;-)
Ok Canary but you have the satisfaction of getting it done "eventually" lol
Question Author
Thanks Alavahalf. They look just the job.


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Secure Fixing Into Old Breeze Block

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