Next Doors Odours In My Kitchen??

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chessington | 11:53 Thu 05th Jan 2017 | DIY
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Hi, We have a nice family moved in next door, he is a builder and has done loads of work on their house, the thing is he has taken a window out (which is on the alley facing our kitchen window) he has replaced his window with an extractor fan, must be a very powerful one as their cooking smells and fags and other smells come into our kitchen, it is winter and all our windows are closed, there is no cowl fitted on his extractor fan on the outside, we don't like to complain to anyone especially to him as he is a nice person, just wondered if there is anything we can do? TIA


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I would just have a quiet word with him, tell him what's happening as it's possible he doesn't realise. If he's a nice person I'm sure he'll sort it.
Invite him round to have a sniff at an appropriate time, if he's a nice chap he'll do something about it.
Chess - I get smells - neighbour has OCD and I know that all day and all night the sequence of washing powder smell, fags (they smoke outside) and frys.

I smell every single one of them 24 hours a day but I would never say. If your neighbours are nice - I personally wouldn't say. It will ruin whatever you have with your neighbours. It is only smells.

The way I view it - I am thankful for those smells cos if she was a dirty neighbour - ie dirty and getting flies from her etc so I would leave it alone. They are doing what they want - it is their house afterall.
^^^^ sorry for repetition
Chess just explain your issues to him he probably and won't know it's an issue until you tell him. Easy to fit some sort of deflector and carbon filter
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thanks for replies, its not just the usual smells i.e bq outside etc the extractor fan he has installed in his kitchen in place of the window (we both have same window facing each other down the alley that separates our houses, is going directly via my vent axia into our kitchen so what they cook is in my house, if you walked in my house you would say what you cooking to me? He took his window out and replaced by some sort of powerful vent axia as he is a builder, he also got outside loo which he put there himself which doesn't bother us even though I would have though planning permission was needed, anyway its the smell of cooking that comes in my kitchen that I don't like or the strong smell of fags, weed etc.
Point out to him that if you can smell the 'weed' then so can any police officer who happens to be passing by!!! They are trained to recognize that smell and will NOT just ignore it!
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Thanks for all your answers

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Next Doors Odours In My Kitchen??

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