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tandh | 21:25 Sat 10th Dec 2016 | DIY
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Hey, because a stupid plumber can't cap radiator pipes off properly i've had a whole systeam of water sprayed over my walls. The probleam i now have is the plasterboad has been seriously weakened and it is not strong enough to hold the radiator, even using heavy duty metal wall plugs. I wondered what my options are; should i cut out a square where the brackets need to go and attach some suport battons, then replaster the area, or if i wait will the plaster board gain some of its strengh back when it's fully dired out? and how long will it take? ;


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I would have thought that the radiator brackets should screw into the wooden frame rather than trust the plasterboard.
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sorry, I didn't think I made my question clear enough. I screwed heavy duty wall plugs into the plasterboard, but as the plaster is so week when I attach the radiator they started falling down.
get onto yoyr insurance co to sort it
I think you have the right idea there. With the radiator out of the way, cut out a square of plasterboard and let in some timber between the uprights (studs) in exactly the places where you need to fix the brackets.

Fix the same piece of plasterboard back in place and just Polyfilla the joints.

The p/board will dry out eventually.
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thanks builder, I thought that would be the way to go, what nightmare though, but finished decorating that room

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Weak Plaster

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