Cost Of Doing A Bathroom

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Kassee | 23:57 Thu 08th Dec 2016 | DIY
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What would be a cost of decorating a bathroom, new bathroom suite, tiles and floor tiles (if everything was bought already) so just the cost of instaling and decorating and taking out old bath, toilet and sink. Average size bathroom.


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£1500 for cash.

Are Scottish bathrooms really that cheap?
We tend not to scalp people for labour only, maybe that's why I'll call you Baldy.

Right oh, just checking ;o)
Kass, we get quite a few similar questions on here. We'd all love to help, but there are far too many variables to take into consideration.

Believe it or not, every job is unique.
We were thinking of doing the same thing a few years ago. We were quoted £19,000.
We didn't go along with it. I'm sure you could do it it much cheaper by buying the pieces and employing an electrician, plumber and tiler.
NINETEEN THOUSAND POUNDS??? Whatever were you having done?
I was asked to fit grab rails alĺ round a bathroom after the owners husband had a stroke.. when I asked if it was alright for me to drill the tiles which looked incredibly expensive, I added that this was the best bathrom I had ever seen. The lady said to go ahead and if need be, she will have them replaced again if she moves... the bathroom cost over £50k
Kassee says everything is bought already so only wants a price for taking out the old, putting in the new, tiling and decorating. So I wouldn't be paying £19k for that.

Alavahalf that must have been some bathroom, very nice!
cleaver jo has given you some good advice - never get a company that does everything under one roof to do a project, it may be much more conviant but you will pay for it. Some good sites to use are my builder and rated people, the tradesmen have to compete for your job plus you can see reviews from past jobs.
We were going to have new tiles, basin, bath, shower and storage. On hearing to quote for £19,000, we told the salesman to hop it. In the we just had a new basin and
the avocado coloured bath re-enamelled in white. We do need new tiles and shower but can't face having workmen in right now.

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Cost Of Doing A Bathroom

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