So Glad I Know A Plumber!

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PankySmooch | 23:23 Sat 25th Oct 2014 | DIY
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Yesterday I attempted to fit a new radiator for an old one which was corroded.

Please bear with me...

I fixed the new brackets on the wall and hung the new double rad and because the new rad was thicker than the old double rad the fittings were about 20mm out of line, I was advised to drill a hole in front of the existing pipes coming out of the floor and chisel out a the woodwork to allow the pipes to come forward to line up with the new rad.

First hole went well, second hole went ding and water began to spray out.

Little did I know the second pipe came away from the wall and ran directly underneath where I was drilling.

In a panic I plugged the leak with blutac to stop the flow and then decided to cut the floorboard 18inches further back from the pipe underneath the rad to gain access to the leak and to my horror I hit another pipe with my jigsaw and then the #### really hit the fan.
I ran outside to turn the stopcock off and the water was still p1ssing out for want of a better word.

Luckily the rad was downstairs in the extension and there was no serious water damage and my plumber saviour turned up later to rescue me

Sorry this is not a question but I just had to get it off my chest!

Mickey taking welcome!


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I ran outside to turn the stopcock off and the water was still p1ssing out for want of a better word.

It would have been amazing if turning the stop tap off stopped the water p1ssing out. (Your first big plumbing job?)
I called out a gas plumber because my boiler had packed up (he was a mate, luckily) and after of lots of checking he realised I'd turned the boiler off at the switch by accident.

*** happens :-)
haha...oooh Betty!
Question Author
Ok I hold my hands up, I panicked
{Points and laughs}
Are you related to Gness?
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No sorry craft1948 is he a plumber?
No but she has unfortunate happenstances...
Just read your post - plumbing is a trade - one of the professional trades - surely if you don't know what you are doing - pay a plumber.

get my nephew for instance - brilliant.

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So Glad I Know A Plumber!

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