Removing Immersion Heater Timer

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bond | 18:37 Sat 03rd May 2014 | DIY
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Immersion heater timer has stopped working, preventing the immersion heater from working. How easy is it to just remove the timer and connect direct to the switch. Currently there is a switch which has a wire to the timer, then from the timer another wire to the immersion heater. I need to eliminate the faulty timer (no need to replace), I think the electrics are good because lights are coming on etc, just the timer is duff. DIY or 10 minute job for an electrician ?


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Assuming the timer is on a plastic back-box.......
Isolate from the mains...
Remove the timer and connect live to live, neutral to neutral, and earth to earth.
Screw on a blanking plate to cover the connections.
This is a DIY job provided you take the nescssary precautions before you start unscrewing anything i.e. isolating the circuit at the fuse box. You also need to make sure the lead from the switch is long enough to reach the heater without any tension in it.
some timers have an over-ride switch, if yours has one just operate the switch..
How come it takes a clarinet player to come up with the obvious solution ;o)))
If you had as many buttons and keys on your sax as I have on my clari you would understand ....actually I think you have a lot more :0)
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thanks for your answers - @ The Builder, would this be a quick job for an electrician?
A matter of minutes, Mr Bond.

However, in the interests of neatness etc. He may prefer to remove it completely along with the back-box.
He would simply run a new heat resistant cable from the switch directly to the immersion.
It would only take him as long as it would for you to make the tea ;o)
I could do it in 10 mins so an electrician possibly quicker..
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Thanks all. I'm not confident doing this myself, but at least now I know it should be a very quick and therefore inexpensive job for a local electrician I think I know of.
You might find a replacement timer isn't very expensive so simply swap??

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Removing Immersion Heater Timer

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