Undercoat For Metal Lockers

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davidk65 | 09:32 Sun 09th Jun 2013 | DIY
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I have two metal lockers for outdoor storage. The paint on the lids of the lockers has blistered and needs to be stripped of
They were painted originally using boat enamel Paint (Mercedes Red). I want to keep the same colour as I have a part tin of the same paint. The plan is to prime the the metal with Red Oxide paint. The advised undercoat for Mercedes Red is a red undercoat. I have done the rounds of the local DIY shops but nobody seems to stock red undercoat. I can get white or gray, but not red. Does anyone know if it would it work if I mixed some of the red gloss with a white undercoat, would it take?
Some one has suggested that applying black undercoat and then the red is quite common practice apparently it has something to do with the pigmentation of the red paint?
Any suggestions.


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If the lockers are steel a Zinc Oxide primer will prevent rusting and blistering.
I would not worry too much about the colour of the primer , if a 2nd coat of enamel is needed just do it . The most important thing is to get the metal really clean and free of grease so that the primer sticks properly.
hammerite paint is excellent for outdoor use on metal
I seem to remember that there was a "drab" undercoat for red, but that was years ago. I think it's just dark grey now.

I wouldn't bother mixing in gloss, it might give you coverage problems. You could mix a red pigment in, or ask for a colour from the Dulux Matchmaker (but using a standard undercoat as a base.)

It's really not worth the trouble though David. Quite honestly, I think I'd just go for 2 coats of red oxide, then one or two coats of your red gloss.

Otherwise, standard metal primer... dark grey u/c.... then red.
No, david, I don't think it would work, and you can't get red oxide paints anymore. We use this red undercoat by Jotun for the barge - sorry it's an ebay link, I couldn't find another - which is excellent, and then the same manufacturers topcoat.
my apologies, apparently you can, although I believe it isn't the same stuff as old school red oxides
Red oxide was originally a lead oxide, and because of the lead content it was banned. The present 'red oxide' alternative isn't as good. Personally, I give any exterior ferrous metal a good clean, then use a zinc spray primer, which chemically bonds with the metal. ("No Nonsense" zinc spray from Screwfix is probably the cheapest).
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So, that's two coats then phoenix LOL

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Undercoat For Metal Lockers

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