Can you adjust a T-50 Stapler?

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kaaliz | 13:53 Wed 28th Mar 2012 | DIY
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I bought a T-50 stapler on eBay recently. Then I bought a box of 10mm staples for it. Though the stapler appears to be working fine, it won't discharge the staples - it looks like the hammer isn't going back far enough to get behind the staple. Is there any way to adjust this, or do I just need smaller staples?

If these staplers are only built to use one size of staple, how do I know which size mine takes?


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I would guess that it's faulty, kaaliz. There's no adjustment that I can think of. I'm more familiar with "Arrow" and "Stanley" staplers. They take T50 or T140 staples, in sizes 6mm to 14mm. One stapler handles all sizes usually.
Not familiar with the model you have but I agree with Builder. I have never seen an adjustable(in that area) stapler.
On the side of my stapler it states the recommended staples. If they're too large or too small they won't be able to be fired through.
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Thanks, guys. It looks like I need another stapler. It's weird that when it's empty it seems to click and fire like everything's fine. Thanks, anyway.
Who is the manufacturer?
Try different sized staples, or WD40
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HowardKennitby - it says on the side Made in USA by Arrow Fastener Co. Inc. Saddle Brook, NJ. Model T-50.
guernseyman - already tried WD-40 but it clicks and springs OK - it doesn't seem like anything's jamming or sticking, that's why I'm so confused. I could try smaller staples but The Builder says these guns should be able to use all sizes.
There seems to be a variety of T50 models. Is your's here?

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It's this one.


Doesn't say anything here about it not taking all sizes. Maybe I'll email them and ask their advice. Thanks for pointing me to the site - I should've thought of that! :-)
The manual lists the range of suitable T50 staples: 6mm to 14mm

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Can you adjust a T-50 Stapler?

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