Foldaway bed

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queries | 10:18 Fri 17th Feb 2012 | DIY
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Does anyone have any experience of removing this type of bed - its sort of in a frame with a small wardrobe on each side - just wondering if it would be worth a try or perhaps getting a builder in to take it out?


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Called a 'Murphy Bed' here in the U.S. (seen here: ). Though somewhat expensive, they're very useful in providing a good quality bed as well as a lot of room when they're folded. Only thing we see as a downside, is that if they're "made up" (sheets and blankets installed) before folding for a long period of time, they smell a little stale... not bad, just not godd and fresh, especially in hotter summer months. we've learned to leave them bare . If one was using them on a daily basis it wouldn't matter.
Kinda expensive for good ones... as previously stated...
Not familiar with these but it seems likely to me that, in order to make it stable, the frame will be securely fixed to the floor or the wall or both. When it is down can you see any fixings in the floor or wall?
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I live in a very small flat and this bed has always been part of the furniture which I use every day - the only problem is that is is quite heavy to put away and I have contemplated taking it out and getting a sofa bed - money permitting!
queries - is it attatched to anything?
are you thinking of getting money for it?
If there is a local second hand furniture shop, take a photo and show it to the boss.
Say he can have it for free, if he comes and removes it.

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Foldaway bed

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