Internal doors and sizing troubles

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mizfiesta | 14:39 Wed 15th Feb 2012 | DIY
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I recently moved into a house where it appears the former occupants liked to put holes in internal doors. I've measured the doors with the intention of hopefully replacing them but none of the major DIY stores seem to stock the sizes I need. The doors measure 80.5"H x 32.6"W. I assume I would have to go the nearest size to that which would be 82" x 34" (or 2083mm x863mm) and get the joiner to 'shave' a bit off? Does anyone know of somewhere I could find doors this size for a reasonable price?


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Or ............... if the door is to be painted, plant 40mm on the bottom of the door. No one will ever notice :o)
15:31 Wed 15th Feb 2012
Could you post a link to something that gives us an idea of the style of door Miz
There are so many :o(
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I'd get my bathroom door replaced first as that's the worst! Ideally this is what I'd get. It would have to have frosted/obsure glazing.
Possibly standard metric sized, Miz.
2040mm x 826mm ( 80.3" x 32.5")

Have a look here........

When you get to a door you're interested in, click on Tech Spec download for sizes
Diy stores probably wouldn't know what you're talking about Miz :o)
Go to a proper builders' merchants and ask at the counter.
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Wouldn't it work out more expensive going through a builders merchant? I asked a few joiners about perhaps 'bringing in' or 'packing' the door frame to fit the door but they didn't seem awfully keen - not the best idea I guess?
You would have to ask the merchants for a quote, so that you could get a discount.

Alternatively, look for a standard 33" x 78" door ............. plane around 5mm off each edge................ and "plant" a 40mm (1 and a 1/2") on the head of the door lining (take the stop off first).
No joiners needed. Just an ordinary carpenter .............. but, it's an easy DIY job for you ;o)
Or ............... if the door is to be painted, plant 40mm on the bottom of the door. No one will ever notice :o)
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Thanks for your input Builder, much appreciated :)
You're welcome Miz :o)
Even in 2012, standard doors in the UK continue to be one of those products still manufactured and sold in a std range of both imperial and metric sizes (milk is another, I think).
You will most likely find a builders' merchant very competitive - especially if you are buying several. Gone are the days when they won't deal with non-builders and you wouldn't believe the margins that DIY-sheds add onto products.
Well said, BM. The merchants are definitely trying a lot harder these days.
If you are going to buy a few of them at a builders merchants try asking for a discount. I always do even though I am not in the trade any longer. Some will and some wont but it's always worth asking.

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Internal doors and sizing troubles

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