What is best website to learn how to tie knots?

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JonnyBoy12 | 21:54 Sun 12th Feb 2012 | DIY
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I am not sure if this is the right category to ask this question but would really like to know which is the best website to learn how to tie knots. It would be best if this site had animations as well because just a description will not suffice in this instance. I have seen one a few times but have forgotten it.

I hope you will 'knot' find this question too hard and thank you all for your kind answers.


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Try youtube
i would get a book from the library or local brownie/guide group
join the boy scouts!
If you scout around a little I'm sure you'll find one!
Who's to be suspended tonight then?
what a great site, humber!
You can buy shoes that fasten using Velcro now , Johnny
I'm carp at knots.

The mantra on the barge is if you can't tie knots, tie lots. Hence, I've pioneered the otter lashing. Anything you can chuck at it, with added gaffa tape.
and this, right before Valentine's Day.

Highly suspicious....
My Granny came to greef when she slipped on a site like this.
Quite DT, and trust you to go to the Deviant's Dictionary.

I was just trying to be helpful...
Jonny - Take hold of the bitter end;
pass carefully around
the standing Humber part,
being mindful of the Sloop bight.
Finish with a round boxie turn,
make the knot up AB tight
and it will not slip under Trollish load.

But you'll find it not
so easily Cupid undone;
dangerous in the dark and cold
and wet of the bedroom, when it matters most.
These knots command AB allegiances.

The Baldric's head and Seadoggs's bend,
the ratterman's hitch and
the pond-man's noose.
See what names mean:
Knots are AB women mor en.

Facing page—a simple Talbot-splice.
Apply a whipping at the end
so no strands come loose
in the braid. The knot will hold
Any AB friend you care to bind.
Knots are AB women mor en.

typo:Knots are AB women or men.
Sorry OP, they can get a bit excitable here.

PG advisory content follows.

To complete the full Fnarr factor, a backsplice is also known as a dog's cock.
If you want every knot known to man, you could get yourself 'The Ashley book of Knots'. It's even available as a free e-book download. Not animated, and it's big (101MB), but there's no better reference book anywhere...


I've worked at sea, and one of the handiest knots I learned, and one that few people ever seem to have heard of, was the 'constrictor'. A clove hitch on a round rail will slip under tension. The 'constrictor knot tied using rope end' in Humbersloop's link is very similar to the clove hitch, except it locks and won't slip, and just as importantly, it doesn't jam. Everyone should learn it! Good Luck!

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