Re-waterproof with hairspray doe it work on outdoor clothes?

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Hettster | 14:28 Fri 03rd Feb 2012 | DIY
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Re-waterproof your brollie with El
What you'll need Hairspray
How to do it
When your brollie loses its waterproofing, simply spray on some cheap hairspray to seal it again. Does it work on outdoor clothing too?
The tip is from the channel 4 series in case youre wondering
Thank you in anticipation


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My wife and I saw that programme, and have doubts about the method. We reckoned that some cheap hairsprays will remain tacky, some will brush off too easily. In the past, I've used Thompsons Water Seal on umbrellas and canvas shoes, applied generously with a paintbrush. Works a treat - tho' it takes a couple of days to dry out and lose its odour!
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Fishing tackle shops sell a silicone spray for waterproofing Brollies. (or used to years ago!)
Lidl does a waterproofing spray for clothing, shoes etc. for £1.99. Why use something not designed for the purpose?
yeah and save hairspray for what its really for.... spraying on spiders and finding them the next day all stiff and crispy and dead......
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I would look out an old and beat up garment and try it out on that.

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Re-waterproof with hairspray doe it work on outdoor clothes?

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