Laying a laminate floor - need to remove the skirting board or not?

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CheekyChops | 16:59 Mon 18th Jul 2011 | DIY
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As above really. I am going to be laying laminate flooring in my bedroom next week and am having a disagreement with my other half over whether to remove the skirting or not.

I say not, it will take too long, make a mess etc - he says it will look better. I agree it will look better in the end but I still don't think its necessary in a bedroom, how many people are actually going to see it?? The beading stuff you put round the edge to cover the expansion gap will do just fine.

So, do I need to remove it or not?


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Sensible to do so. better fit and you will have a better chance to get the floor square or the basis walls/skirting will/may not be square and you may only find out when you have finished without skirting boards on you can hide any alignment problems. Makes the job bigger but as you say it only in the bedroom and the beading will cover any minor problems in terms of room being off square.Just make sure as best you can as you dont want to end up cutting chunks off the lengthwise side of the laminate as odds on you will have bigger problems check the floor measurement across and down in starting at the walls and then down the middle if you way out take the boards off (I suggest) Hope useful
Removing and refitting skirting is an awful job.

Removing skirting is likely to split or crack the skirting meaning you need to buy more to replace it. You may also damage the walls while removing it.

And fitting skirting is not easy either as often the brick underneath is not easy to nail into.

I would say leave the skirting where it is.

Also it is easier to replace the laminate floor if you need to if you HAVE NOT put it under the skirting board.

We had a flood in our house a few years ago and had to have one laminate floor replaced, it was an easy job as we had laid UP TO the skirting and not under it.

Leave the skirting board where it is.
You also have to think how much of the skirting will you actually see in a bedroom?

The walls and skirting will be covered by the bed, bedside cabinets, wardrobes, dressing table etc.

Once the laminate floor is down you wont even notice the skirting.
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Thanks both.

I am definately on the side of leaving the skirting where it is. As you say VHG, most of it will be covered by the furniture anyway and I hadn't even thought of if I would ever need to replace any of the laminate.

Also its not that long since my bedroom walls were decorated - before I decided to replace the carpet :0) - and I don't fancy repainting again due to damage from replacing the skirting.
I'm with VHG
Leave the skirting in place and fit the laminate and beading afterwards. Make sure any radiator pipes coming up through the floors have the matching circular thingies (you know what I mean!) to finish off.

Treat yourself to a good mitre saw for beading corners. Good luck.
I do a lot of period work on some smart places .. and I would not dream of fitting this against skirting and having that ruddy awful looking bead around.
It gets scuffed soone enogh .. or knocked off .. and makes floor look smaller.
Expansion can be under skirting edge .. and the skirting can be fitted tight down to it .. which helps keep the edges flat.
Fit some better skirting .. it's cheap enough. Depending on wall construction, it can be double nailed, screwed .. or (I don't like this way) glued.
If you have a cheap house and want a cheap finish .. fair enough.
Plenty pics here to look at ..
Don't spoil the ship for a hapeth of tar.
Fit new skirting.
if you don't remove skirting you will need to lay quardrent to skirting - it looks naf. IMO take skirting off and lay laminate up to wall with expansion gap then replace skirting.
Having laminated all the house I advise you to remove skirting. It is very easy and new mdf profiles are very cheap and easy to cut and fix. You can even use No More Nails adhesive!
Advise you to get it from Jewsons or similar as all you get in Homebase and the like is 2m lengths - too many joins. You need 3m really for a good job.
I'm in the same situation -I tested situation by removing a small piece of skirting & a load of plaster came off with it. I thought this could be a one off & got boyfriend to remove another small bit -the same happened again. I'm now plastering that up & leaving the rest of the skirting in situ & will add beading after!! (I am renovating an old house though).

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Laying a laminate floor - need to remove the skirting board or not?

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