double-glazed door won't open...

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sara3 | 13:06 Sat 21st May 2011 | DIY
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I have a double-glazed exterior door from my kitchen, but it won't open. the lock seems fine, locks and unlocks okay, and I can see all 3 lock thingies are retracting properly. it opens about 1cm, then seems to hit something. I've studied the edges and can't see anything blocking it, so I assume it's shifted on its hinges a bit? maybe??

it's been making a bit of a screeching noise for a long time (only on opening and closing!), from the bottom edge.. I think it's been scraping against its frame.

any ideas please?


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Does it get direct sunlight? If so, it may have expanded in the heat. Underneath each of the hinges there's a place for an allan key. A few turns, on each hinge, should lift it enough to clear the sill
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no, it's always in the shade, there's a canopy type thing over it.
We'll have to wait for wiser heads than mine to come up with an answer, then. That was the extent of my knowledge of doors. Sorry.
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the hinge ends are covered with black caps that don't look like they'll come off easily..
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that's okay, thanks anyway Sandy x
Sara, my leetle affadavit.............. there aren't any hinges, just rollers probably. The screeching was the door rubbing on the track. Sounds like it's sort of sunk on its wheels.
Somehow.......... you'll have to lift the door at both ends and slide it open. Then, I can probably tell you where the adjusters are ........... er ......... hopefully ;o)
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oh poop.. should I get someone in to do it? I can't lift it as it's not free of the frame.
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it's not on runners.. it's an old door. well, it was here when I moved in 17 years ago.
It lifts "within" the frame Ra. Someone each end levering it up and dragging it along.
Not easy. I'm loathe to suggest you go out in the street and wrestle a couple of passing rugby players in to help you. I'm a great supporter of "girl power" ;o)
ooo-er .............. have I got this wrong? I was assuming it was a sliding patio door. OOps.......... just a regular hinged door then that won't open?
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oooooooooooo .......... sorry, we all make mistakes ;o)
Can you send me a pic?
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I'll see if I can send it to you via FB, and thanks x

Doc, I've managed to wedge a strong kitchen knife underneath it, but it was a struggle, and I can't move it.
It sounds like it needs re- toe and heeling.
simple job if you know how, bloody hard, if you don't.
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hello Michael :o)

I foresee calling someone out but not sure who?

TB, have put my door on your wall, lol! I have another closer up, if you need it.
try lifting the door up as you try to open it
Do you know if it has got rising butt hinges?
Ok Sara ........... uPVC door. It's just dropped on the hinges I guess. Nothing's standard, but they usually have a hole in the hinge to put a small Allen Key. Probably have to take the hinge covers off (one screw maybe?)
Have a look at the hinges.
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I did that, Mick.. no joy :o/

TheWinner, no idea but I guess I'm hoping so!

TB, I'll see if I can get one of the ends off.

my ex has just announced that he thinks a screw may have dropped out and is trapped somewhere.

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double-glazed door won't open...

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