Radiator connection problem.

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dennisb66 | 09:09 Thu 21st Apr 2011 | DIY
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My bathroom has been completely tiled including the floor.Because of the thickness of the tile and after fitting the radiator hanging bar the pipe connections won't meet the radiator connection threads. Is there a way around this problem without lifting the floor tiles? Hope I have explained it clearly.


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Are you saying the existing pipework is now too low to reach the Radiator tails? Any chance of fitting the radiator lower? What sort of distance are you short by?
Lower the hanging bar, or hack the pipes to add a small length, seems the obvious solutions, unless I have misunderstood.
We're confused Dennis. A regular rad is fitted independent of the floor thickness.
What type is it?
Methinks a towel radiator with legs to the floor?
Until we get more detail we're stuck
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It's regular radiator and I am refering to the thickness of the wall tile(it was previously wallpaper on the wall),the pipe wont bend away from the wall to meet the radiator coupling.The floor tiles should have been cut at least a further 5-7mm depth to allow further pipe movement.
OK I was thinking of height from floor to radiator, not from wall.
Assuming copper pipe can your fit a bending spring around it and put in a slight double curve to move the pipe out the 5 - 7mm?
If the pipes too short to do that then your other option is to cut away a bit of floortile using a dremel.
No doubt, The Builder will be on later with a much more professional answer!!
aha ........... right on cue ................. is that right Dennis? The pipework rises out of the floor? They must be fairy thick tiles. Pipe usually bends enough to connect up again.
Anyway, one simple idea. Dig around in the floor as Slacker has said. Enlarge the hole enough to bring the pipework away from the wall, and make the connections.
Hide the damage with a couple of these............. I know they're only plastic, but get the chrome ones. They look surprisingly "tasteful".

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Thanks guys, mission accomplished,remembered that son-in-law had a dremel kit,took awhile but got there eventually.Wouldn't have thought about using a dremil if you hadn't mentioned it S A.Thanks for the tips about the chrome rosettes TB will definitely fit them and pipe snaps to finish the job off.

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Radiator connection problem.

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