Post WW1 military discharge codes

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carpetowl | 16:33 Mon 24th Jan 2011 | History
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I'm undertaking some research on a number of First World War veterans. I've come across one serviceman who was recorded as having been "Discharged Class Z" in 1919. What does this mean?


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it means to army reserve, my grandad did this in 1919 and then in 1928 he was sent to newcastle during the general strike as he had been on reserve pay all that time
so you will find him in the pensions records too
Class Z Army Reserve. In December 1918 soldiers being demobilised were first posted to Class Z. They could return to civilian life but knew they were obliged to return if necessary. The Z Reserve was abolished on 31 March 1920.
I still have a letter from my grandad's brother whilst he was in the deaf school at preston and it mentions going to newcastle with the reserve, the letter is dated 1920 not 1928, my grandad had just got married. there was a strike though, that's why the army went.
Put me in mind of the Goons film, 'Down Among the Z men' (1952). Not a success, alas.
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Post WW1 military discharge codes

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