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Scarlett | 16:52 Sun 27th Feb 2005 | History
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If you had a Time machine, where would you most like to travel back (or forwards) to? And what would you do once there?!!


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I would go and see my dad again

I would like to go back 5 years at a time where I used to live.  You could then notice all the little changes easily plus you'd also be familiar with the surroundings.  Eventually you'd end up thousand odd years back.


I love nostalgia so I think it would be amusing yet fascinating seeing the change in fashion, cars etc., even going into shops!

Just before the rugby world cup 2003... and place a bet on england!

I would like to go back in time to when I was 17.

But wake up one morning in my body as it was then but have the knowledge and the wisdom  that I have now.

To find my second husband when he was young and have the 20 odd years that I wasted with an abusive first husband.

Thats my ultimate wish.

Ahh to dream.

I go back 9 months before I was born  and keep my parents apart, Then I would have this horrible condition called Neurofibromatosis.  I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy

How could you know where/when to go into the future?

Wouldn't you need to go even further into the future and check history records for the (future) date you require?

Not the most imaginative answers ever. Personally I would love to travel the ancient civilisations in their prime, Rome, Egypt, the Incas, etc. And clear up a few points in history :)

And go into the future to see whether mankind fulfills its potential.

I am assuming that one is allowed to go back and view history without being able to be seen or heard, or interacting with the people in a way that might muck up history and lead to chaos like the grandfather paradox.

I would go back to Dealey Plaza and watch the assassination of JFK.  I am already strongly convinced that JFK was killed by Lee Harvey Oswald acting alone, but I would like to be able to have the satisfaction of seeing it and knowing it to be true, rather than relying on historical research and evidence.  Obviously one would have the advantage of knowing in advance where to look, and to take binoculars etc to be sure.

If one is allowed to go back in history and interact with it, I would want to have the precaution of creating an alternative parallel universe following on from the situation which has been changed.  In that case, I would go back and kill Adolf Hitler as a baby.  If he had not made any contribution to history, then the Second World War would probably still have happened in some form, and there would probably still have been an authoritarian or nationalist government in Germany.  There is the danger that the history of the middle part of the 20th Century would have been even worse, with more wars in the second half of the century.  For that reason, I would want to see what happened, see how history evolved, and have the option of coming back to our own universe rather than the alternative one.

i would go back 5/6 months and tell a guy i met what i felt for him, mayb it would change the fact that im single and un-happy alone.

Now there's an idea bernado - our own timeline to play with! Sounds like a lot of fun to me.
Presumably these time machines would also travel in distance as well as time. Idon't know how that would work, (not that I know how a time machine works in the first instance). Perhaps it would drop you in the middle of outer space as the Earth would be somewhere else on its orbital path.
I would go back a couple of thousand years and see if Jesu was a real person.
Estadio Nacional, Lisbon. 25th May 1967.
Benfica 1 United 5 ?
Celtic 2 Inter Milan 1.

I would like to go back, sit and have a nice cup of tea and a chat with...

my dad

My grand parents, and their parents / grand parents

Charles Dickens

Julius Caesar & Marcus Brutus

Jesus of Nazareth

I the future, I would like to think that wherever I end up, I will be able to do the same as above.

I would go back to 1564 and murder William Shakespeare as a baby, thereby rescuing hundreds of generations of innocent schoolchildren from being tortured.
I would go back to just before the invention of the time machine. I would destroy the plans and the associated technology for time travel so that the machine I travelled back in was never invented.

i would go back to lunch and eat

Good question.......!

i would go back in time to see if i was like my great great grandad etc. and improve myself.

but if i went into the future i would want to see if my mates were true or not, then when i come back today il would act on it.

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