Tiannamen; what happened next?

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Khandro | 12:33 Thu 04th Jun 2009 | History
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We have all seen many times the picture of the man standing in front of the tank, but no one seems to ever say what happened to him. Was he crushed, did he jump, or did he survive between the tank tracks. The photographer who took the shot was interviewed recently on TV, standing the balcony from which he took the picture and even he didn't say. Could the photo have been a collage?


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You tube's not working for me for some reason :-(
Kate Adie who was a witness to the events, was on Breakfast TV (yesterday?) discussing this and she stated that despite several names been mentioned nobody actually knew who he was as he Disappeared almost immediately along with a lot of other protesters. apparently a Canadian TV company despite doing nearly a years research fond nothing mainly due to the government policy of acting as if, despite the international coverage it recieved, the action never occurred, as witnessed by the fact that the chinese equivalent to the Red Cross announced soon after the event that over a 1000 people were dead and the figure was rising, yet now there is no evidence in their records that they were ever involved. Kate also said that in all her experiance she had never seen anything like it when totally unarmed and generally peacefull protesters were machine gunned and shot out of hand, by their own army. So it looks like the man in front of the tank will go down in history as one of the many thousands of nameless people who have died for ther beliefs. God rest his soul,whoever he was he definately had balls of steel
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U tube doesn't work for me either, perhaps it's been sabotaged! Thank you for your reply and I know the facts surrounding the incident, but what happened next I ask, Did the tank stop or did he jump out of the way? It must be one or the other if they are still looking for him.
Initially the tank stopped, it then tried to go round him, but he kept re-positioning himself in front it, he then climbed onto the tank, and addressed the tank crew before climbing off and disappearing
this link shows how he climbed on the tankd and then jumped off again. although it is odd that most footage then stops.

it is likely that he was probably captured by the PSB (Public Security Bureau) and executed lest he become a folk hero, although other commentary is that he was led away by two 'bystanders'. sadly we will probably never know _and_fate

a good article.... d-the-scenes-tank-man-of-tiananmen/
he was shot.....his body remained on the square along with many other students till the protest was quelled - about 1week.

I recall viewing on tv at the time.

I must have misheard, but I thought Kate Adie meant he 'disappeared', meaning executed but no one knowing exactly where and when, and what happened to the body, it happened to a lot of them.
You didn't mishear, merejean, that was exactly what Kate implied,apparently lots of people" Disappeared" at the time
but after this time it's unlikely that given the Chinese Governments stance on the affair that we will ever know the truth
The lad apparently disappeared a few says later, as did many others.He has never been seen of or heard of again. China is still very much a police-state still, it seems.
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Tiannamen; what happened next?

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