Name the three US Presidential candidates assassinated

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tapple | 02:25 Mon 23rd Feb 2009 | History
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What united states presidential candidates have been assassinated?
I'm trying to find an answer to my sons history question I've searched the internet for 3 days all I have come up with is Joseph F. Smith Jr., And Robert F. Kennedy.


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Huey Pierce Long 1935?
I think he was shot before he had a chance to run Dot............but I can't find anyone else
Erm....Abraham Lincoln?
Sorry....the joys of having a baby that wont sleep has made me read the question wrong. Doh!!
Lol T&S I know I had to read it a couple of times myself! get some kip when baby is asleep!
according to wikipidia:
Theodore Roosevelt was wounded as a candidate.
Franklin D Roosevelt was president elect but the assassin missed.
Robert Kennedy was a candidate when he was killed.
the only Joseph Smith jr I can find was assassinated in 1844 but he was the founder of the latter day saint movement.

The OP reads 'assassinated' not 'they missed' though but
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I was supprised too. But I guess he was also a Presidential candidate. If you type Joseph F. Smith Jr. Presidential candidate in the searh engine it brings up a lot of results. He turned in his answers today and the 2 are right he has 1 more day to come up with the 3rd.
He was a self - declared candidate:

Nevertheless, Smith realized his current position was tenuous. Many citizens of Illinois were now determined to drive the Mormons out of the state.[130] In December 1843, Joseph petitioned Congress for the right to make Nauvoo an independent federal territory with the right to call out federal troops in its defense.[131] Then, probably unwisely, Smith also decided to desert both Whigs and Democrats, and announce his own candidacy for President of the United States,
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It was Huey P. Long

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Name the three US Presidential candidates assassinated

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