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kia cat | 09:59 Sun 11th Jan 2009 | History
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On the Thames, near Greenwich a stretch of the river is known as "Bugsby's Reach" who is it named after, was Bugsby a notorious pirate?


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took my time but found it. well Guessed
it was named after the marshed behind it

"M Bugsby's Marshes
This tidal mudflat, where bodies of executed pirates were hung in cages, may have been named after a New World Buccaneer. Like much of the Thames� riverbank, it was a mosquito-ridden hellhole before being drained by Dutch engineers in 1625. Later the site chosen for the Millennium Dome, it is now home to the O2 Arena."

from : 2-history.php
Marshes even
mind you also here

"The current interpretation of names would possibly explain this by asserting that it was derived from the circumstance of a man named Bugsby having 'made a hole' in the water at that precise spot."

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