When did telephone no.s change to prefix 01 ...

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mali | 18:59 Mon 11th Feb 2008 | History
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Hi just need to know when phone numbers changed and have to have 01 in front of number. thanks


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that always used to be the London code, I think. Then they went through 081 and 071, then 0181 and 0171, and now 020 7 and 020 8. Which bit did you want?
No, they used to be 01 for London, 021 for Birmingham, 051 for Liverpool, 061 for Manchester etc. Other codes were eg 0772 for Preston. Sometime, I would guess in the late 80's, early 90's they changed to 0121 for Birmingham, and 01772 for Preston etc. Sorry, but I can't remember the exact date.
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area code numbers changed so 0452 became 01452 etc the second digit became a 1, when did this happen ?
That's just what I said! And I've found it! 16th April 1995 _numbers
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many thanks spudqueen !
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When I was a kid my parents had a party line with next door. If they wanted to ring out the had to pick up the handset and listen to see if the neighbours were talking.

It was a heavy bakelite phone, with a maroon plaited lead and a little drawer which pulled out for your own handwrittten list of numbers.
The Director Exchange for CUNningham would have been 286
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I used to be a GPO telephonist on the Euston exchange. When someone dialled the exchange from a phone box a red light would appear on the switchboard. A gentleman asked for the dialling code for Dublin. I told him it was double 0, 01 followed the subscriber's number. The red light appeared a few minutes later the caller said "I can find the 0 but not the double 0" . And that is a true story.

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When did telephone no.s change to prefix 01 ...

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