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tickledtrout | 19:48 Sat 05th Jan 2008 | History
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Don't really know if I am posting in the right section here but I have just found amongst my Nan's jewellry an army photograph of my Grandad. It looks like a medal but is a brooch with a star shaped photo frame with my Grandads army photo in it. Were these common because I have never seen one before. I think it was probably done for his parents because my Grandparents didn't meet until after the war was over. Any help appreciated


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Are you sure it�s not a photo of HIS dad or your Nan's Dad (so your Great Grandad?).

I wonder if the soldier had won WW1 Star medal and the brooch was specially suited for it?

Have a look at:

and it might help you decide.
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Thx La Diva, no almost certain its my Grandad. We have all the medals that he received and this looks nothing like them. The holder is similar to the nurses watches that they wear on their chests. I thought that it was something the army did for recruits when they enlisted.
There is a medal called 'The 1939-1945 Star'. It is bronze in color, and has 6 points on it. It measures 1.75" from the tip of one point to the tip of the opposite one. Perhaps somebody had it modified by a jeweler into a picture frame.

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