martin luther king

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sanisha10 | 20:54 Mon 15th Jan 2007 | History
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does anyone know who killed martin luther king ?


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James Earl Ray, but there are conspiracy theories.

See -

Also more info about MLK -
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lol @ u MrdotRose.
Very funny. Perhaps I should have said that James Earl Ray (didn't he play Darth Vadar :) ) was convicted but no one really knows who did it.
i dont like busybodies
James Earl Ray is as guilty as Lee Harvey Oswald in other words you would have to be stupider than a dog turd to believe it
Martin Luther King was killed by the criminal of the century, the man who was in the pocket of the mafia for his entire life

J. Edgar Hoover, and before you poo poo this statement do your homework

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martin luther king

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