Royal Artillery badge.

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chijiki | 14:04 Fri 29th Sep 2006 | History
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I have unearthed a Royal Artillery badge from a plot of land that has not been cleared for the last 30 years.
It is bronze, bears the motto UBIQUE (at the top) and QUO FAS ET GLORIA ****** (at the bottom).
Interestingly (to me) the wheel of the field gun actually spins on its axle.

It is almost the same as those shown here:-
However, the crown at the top is of a different design. It is like that in the second image featured here:- /arty.htm
which is that of the Tasmanian Artillery.

Can any of you tell me if I should be able to date the badge, possibly by the shape of the crown, and also identify which country it is from.


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Everywhere - Where Right and Glory Lead rt-eng-sig/rca.htm
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I know that looks similar, and the same as the Australian and New Zealand badges, but the crown is not as my Tasmanian example.

And as for "Edited by Answerbank"
the edited word is D U C U N T which is part of the Latin motto QUO FAS ET GLORIA D U CU N T meaning "Whither Right and Glory Lead"
It probably is the crown of the King which is different to that which you would see now on cap badges. Why not log onto the Army web site and look at the Royal Artillary, it should be able to give you the museum's web site and inturn they should be able to help you.
having served in the royal artillery for 12 years,i can confirm that the motto of the RA is UBIQUE quo fas et gloria ******.
this does translate into everywhere,whither right and glory lead. as a footnote , the royal engineeers shared the motto UBIQUE but not the rest of the RA's motto.they used the generic honi soit quo mal y pense.
further to my answer.i cannot believe the answerbank has edited out the latin word's laughable. lets hope that nobody poses a question referencing actress Hilary Swank.we could all be in trouble.
the crown is the kings crown which dates it pre 1953,because elizabeth was crowned that year.after which the queens crown surmounted all british and commonwealth military capbadges.also most modern capbadges are what is termed staybright and tend not to have any moving parts,such as your recent find.
I have an awful feeling that the Answerbank is not actually edited by human beings, who might be able to apply a little common sense. This is one for the AB editors I think.

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