forbidden to play left handed

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deglanville | 18:15 Mon 26th May 2003 | History
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In which sport are the competitors forbidden to play left handed


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Polo. (I'm not saying hockey's wrong, though.)
Dear Deglanville, if you care to click
a link will take you to the website of the Left-handed Information Centre. There, in the table offered on the opening page, you will see that both hockey and polo are barred to left-handers. (By that, I mean they are not allowed to play left-handed.)

Since the site's sole reason for existing is to highlight the problems associated with left-handedness, I don't suppose they'd have got this wrong, do you?

Also certain rifle events (if you can call it a "sport") as the spent cartridge is ejected to the right (and would give immense pain to a left-hander's eye)
ps. why hockey? (i played left handed at school btw)
I played hockey lefthanded at school as well. I had to have a special stick, so that the flat side was in the correct place. I am surprised that if you can get left-handed hockey sticks, you can't play left handed.


Perhaps Wildwood can answer the 'Why hockey?' question. I'd never heard that was barred to left-handers until I saw Wildwood's response and the website I referred to above.

I know for a certainty that polo is the (or at least 'a') correct answer to the original question. I'd imagine - though I don't really know - the objection in polo might have to do with the long mallets. These could become tangled up in the ponies' legs, if two opposite-handed players came close whilst galloping in the same direction.

Just a point of clarification. The sports mentioned can be played by LEFTHANDERS but not LEFTHANDED. In field hockey there is no such thing as a lefthanded stick. One side of the stick blade is rounded and the other is flat. All players use the same "righthanded" stick and can only hit with the flat side. ..... ...... ...... There is another sport that cannot be played left handed and that is Jai-Alia a fast moving offshoot of handball played on a court something like a squash court but using the right hand instead of a racquet.
I added the question marks to the first answer because I only heard it mentioned recently on a televised game, and was not sure if the announcer was being facetious. In addition to Mike's submit'

According to the Leicestershire & Rutland Hockey Association; 'The ball can only be played with the flat side and edges of the stick, but there are many situations when it is necessary to turn the stick over with the end pointing downwards in the "reverse stick" position. There are no left-handed hockey sticks, but hockey players who are natural left-handers can still be very successful players'.

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forbidden to play left handed

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