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shammydodger | 21:16 Fri 16th Jun 2006 | History
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Which historical "fact", which in reality is a myth, is guaranteed to get you arguing in your local after a few Babychams, should you hear someone spouting it as truth? Mine, at the moment, is the myth that "American Pie" was the name of the aeroplane that Buddy Holly et al died in.


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Port Out, Starboard Home........

Hi Shammydodger,

Most interesting post.

However, it is an historical myth that the use of telegraph light or sound signals, known as Morse Code was invented by Samuel Morse.

It was invented by his younger partner Alfred Vail, but Morse took the glory !!

Another myth: Greta Garbo did not say "I want to be alone!" She said "I want to be let alone" Quite a different meaning.

Do I get a lollipop?

Question Author


Unfortunately (and I mean that most sincerely) I am not the one who is handing out lollipops. Not that I would dare these days! And if that is true about Greta Garbo, then thank you, you have taught me something I did not know. And confirmed the value of this site.

Talking of people who took the glory for things that they probably didn't deserve (and, yes, I know this isn't a myth), what about the invention of the telephone? Alexander Graham Bell is generally regarded as the inventor, but what about Antonio Meucci?

I know sd, I was hoping BigAl1st would spot my reply *sob* but looks like the lollies have melted !

I knew that about A G Bell, but when I typed in about Morse, my mind went blank as to who else I was gonna mention (its me age). If I can remember any more, will post em thro.

Of course there's many misquotes from characters in films, but thats another thread.....

P.S. Loved the film clich�s post, what a laugh!

Question Author

Aye noodles, I enjoyed it too.

And thanks for contributing to this thread.

As for inventions, it's amazing just how much we were taught at school, or told outside school, that actually turns out to be complete cobblers.


I'm not disputing for one second that POSH is a myth, but have you any idea how it originated or where it came from? (And, no, I don't know).

Noodles Sorry for delay. You can have an Ice Cream Sundae

Port Out Starboard Home Port being left part of ship starboard being right.

Supposedly rich people travelling to India paid more for a Port Cabin going and more for a starboard cabin coming back. This meant that they did not have the sun shining through their port holes and so their cabins were cooler.

Rgds Al

port out starboard home, did not know that, cool. that's my piece of trivia for the day.
How aboout cows always lie down just before it rains. My wife reckons it is true but I dont! Rgds Al

It isn't true BigAl1st,

Look in any field (pref one with cows in) on a stormy day, and some are sitting, some are standing and some are under the tree and others are not!

OLD WIVES'S TALE. In the cows case: TAIL

Nobody can substantiate that about POSH tho - the jury is still out.....

Ta very much for Sundae..slurp..swallow..slurp ;-D

Oops! I didn't mean to call your missus "an Old Wife!!"

Hi noodles glad you enjoyed the sundae.

Showed her your post, she accepts your apology, although she is getting on a bit and says


The Posh one is also a little bit like Pommies. Supposed to be Prisoners of His Majesty's Service?

By the way it was the Welsh Wizard shouting in capitals and not me. Lol Rgds Al

don't know if it is a myth or not and no doubt could be checked--it is often said The Aberdeen Press And Journal always looked for a local slant on big srories--hence rumour has it that after the Titanic sank it carried the headline along the lines of "ABERDEEN MAN LOST AS TITANIC HITS ICEBERG"--haven't checked the paper's archives cos i want it to be true--lol

The Brontosaurus does not exist.

Scientists realised in 1903 that Brontosaurus fossils were not from a new species, but from the already discovered Apatosaurus.

- plenty of stuff about fake word origins etc
Have a look here for myths and legends................ asp

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