Christmas Decorations

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Lord Panda | 10:14 Wed 04th Jan 2006 | History
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Is it bad luck to take them down before Twelfth Night, or is it bad luck not to have taken them down before Twelfth Night?


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The latter
The former.
I always thought it was the former, but my wife took ours down on Moday and I won over 3 grand on the horses that afternoon so it may be the latter lol.
Its bad luck to to take them down before the 12th night

Personally, I think it's a load of old tripe!

We put our Christmas decorations up on the 15th Dec & my sister died on Christmas morning - I don't think it would have made an atom of difference whether she'd taken her last years decorations down, before or after the 12th night, if you get my drift.

What is to be, is to be!

sad to hear that smudge, dear chap. Lets hope she had a turkey dinner up in ol' Heaven.

Hi Ward-Minter - I'm not actually a chap & I'm a gal.

I'm sure my dear sister Amy, is now up in Heaven with her husband & my Mum & Dad, having a good chin wag & sharing a nice pot of tea together.......

Whoops, thank you for your kind sentiments too WM, much appreciated.

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Christmas Decorations

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