Princes In The Tower: Lucy Worsley

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tiggerblue10 | 15:19 Sat 11th Jun 2022 | History
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Watched this today and some interesting new information appears to have come to light giving Thomas More's account of what happened more credence.

Excellent viewing if like me you're interested.


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Yes, I saw this the other night, it's one of those many subjects where I can be totally convinced of a view until the next one's aired! Certainly it brought out some more information, I wonder if they'll ever been allowed to DNA the bones in the urn?
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The DNA analysis would definitely solve one element of this mystery if the bones did belong to the boys. And either put to bed the legitimacy claims of Simnel and Warbeck or raise them higher if one or neither were a match.
Lucy Worsley always presents interesting programmes.

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Princes In The Tower: Lucy Worsley

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