Will Putin Rule Until 2036???

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PSnow771 | 13:57 Wed 25th May 2022 | History
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Will Putin really rule for another 14 years? I read that he changed the law in Russia, and now he can be re-elected twice more. How legitimate is that? Will he run for re-election or is there a chance he will step down?


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Can't see him ever stepping down.He's too much of a megalomaniac for that.
"How legitimate is that? " - when you are a dictator everything is legal. I doubt he'll live much longer. He's none to clever health wise and I don't think it will be long before someone in his inner circle put a bullet through his head.
I doubt it , Despots always meet a grisly end
I tend to agree or is it hope that TTT is right.
He can probably do whatever he wants but I don’t think he’ll live that long.
I don't think he can look forward to many more or out of office.
However long he lives he'll never live down the disgrace of the Ukraine invasion or be accepted as a welcome visitor outside of Russia and it's satellites.
Despots always meet a grisly end

afraid not. Roman emperors sometimes came to a sticky end - one was captured by the Persians and sent the rest of his days being used as a human footstool. But in more modern times Stalin died of a stroke aged 74. Pol Pot was sentenced to life imprisonment but died of heart failure at 72. Kim Il Sung had a heart attack at 82.

They didn't spend a lot of time invading neighbours, though, and maybe losing wars makes leaders more vulnerable.

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Will Putin Rule Until 2036???

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