Has There Ever Been A Case Of Children Growing Up Away From Society With No Parent To Guide Them?

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lolitasteward | 00:31 Wed 30th Mar 2022 | History
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We've all read about feral children being raised by animals or being raised by abusive parents who were unwilling to free them in society. But has there ever been a case of two or more children growing up together without any parent to raise them?
I'm curious to learn about this case. Because if there's been a real situation like this, I guess a new culture and most likely a new language might've been invented by these children.


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Kamala and Amala were raised by wolves
This meme has been around for at least a hundred years as I remember my father talking about it in the early fifties

creationism was strong and it was hoped the children wd suddenly start using Aramaic of ancient Hebrew - Babel and all that.
They didnt

Napoleon's son ( Napoleon II) was said to be brought without books and tutors as they were afraid he wd turn out like his father. IF you read the wiki article, this wasnt so

AND - lastly - Nicaraguan Sign Language was purposely allowed to develop ( "the first time we see a language being born" the voice over gushingly describes) without intervention.

Heavily criticised as being NOT in the interests of the deaf of Niacaragua ( they cd have used Spanish SL) but to provide fodder for papers and publications of the authors. This consideration should not have entered the equation at all
Genie? Are you looking for young children that survived entirely alone, in society?
I've just by accident stumbled on the story of Genie, who I'd never heard of. Have only read some of the article so far, but absolutely heart breaking. Tossed from pillar to post and never having the protection she deserved.

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Has There Ever Been A Case Of Children Growing Up Away From Society With No Parent To Guide Them?

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