Where Did Noah's Ark Happen

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1225gmail | 04:27 Sun 23rd Jan 2022 | History
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In the imagination of the author of the work of fiction known to millions as "The Bible".
Actually The Old Testaments are a valid historical interpretation of actual events. Combined with superstition and propaganda of the times.
Oh right, I was under the impression that the bible was written several hundred years after supposed events.
Well it finished up in the east of Turkey, Mount Ararat.
South Korea if the speed with which the ship was turned out is a clue.
What did the lions eat?
Where did Noah find the kangaroos?
Not an Ikea flat pack then, Douglas? :-)
A zoo hehe.
arranging supplies for months afloat must have been a logistical nightmare
Surprised he didn't sink!!!
The problem with the bible is that many of it's tales lead to incestuous relationships. God created Adam And Eve but no-one else, therefore incest must have taken place to populate the Earth. God killed everyone bar Noah and his family, therefore incest must have taken place to re-populate the Earth.
I don't think the 'authors' of these tall tales really thought them through :-J
Legends of flood come from all over the world, including China, but it's unlikely that there was ever a global flood. It is known that in ancient times the Black Sea, once a much smaller body of water, flooded, and as has been said vestiges of a boat have been found on Mount Ararat in Turkey, but what it is remains a matter of speculation. One thing is certain. If the story of Noah's Ark is true it was one of God's great mistakes.
If you want a sensible answer, this isn't the place to ask
sorry I posted before naomi's sensible answer
I've given a sensible answer, khandro. Are you going to give it a go or have you just popped in to criticise other people?
Haaaaaaaaaa! Cross posted!!
Middle East/Mediterranean.
Lady CG //I was under the impression that the bible was written several hundred years after supposed events.//

The bible isn't a single written work, as you seem to think, it is a wide collection of books written at different times by people of differing beliefs.

If you would like to know more,

In answer to the OP; the biblical world was a small place compared to what we now know and somewhere within it a flood of great proportion happened. The vast majority of that world were illiterate & stories were passed down repeated countless times through the generations & the inevitable embellishments occurred, but these stories in the old testament are not records of historical facts, each one has a moral dimension which is for the reader to understand.
// these stories in the old testament are not records of historical facts//

That's true - but I do think many myths have their foundation in fact.
We know the Biblical flood never occurred, because there were great civilizations thriving during that time. They kept good records, and neglected to mention they were all wiped from the face of the earth.

The Chinese (Neolitic Dynasty) The Egyptians (Dynasties 4, 5 & 6) Mesopotamians (Early Dynastic Period) Sumerians (Early Dynastics Illa & Illb) Peruvians (Norte Chico Civilization) and more... We find a continuous line of culture, construction, art and historical records that runs through the time Noah's flood was supposed to have happened.

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Where Did Noah's Ark Happen

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