What Year Was Jesus Born

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1225gmail | 15:50 Sat 22nd Jan 2022 | History
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No one knows.
I read a article that said it was around 4bc.
between 4 and 6 BC apparently Christ was born before Christ!
I’m not religious.
It’s all very contentious. If we take some evidence as ‘gospel’ Mary could have been pregnant for about ten years!! The simple answer is we don’t know.
yeah we ALL know that the counter
Dionysius Dongoola or whomever was out by a few years for excellent reasons
and we know round about
because we know which Tiberius Augustus it was, which Herod it was, we have heard of Salome
[Salome, (flourished 1st century ce), according to the Jewish historian Josephus, the daughter of Herodias and stepdaughter of Herod Antipas]

so we have a "must be after" Julius Caesar ( or ter daaah wait for it terminus post quem - aaaahhh hardened ABer knew I would drag a bidda Latin in)
and we have "a before" ( Caligula) or terminus ante quem

so we have a good idea

and all the ABers [ dont know -cant remember] who say they dont know were actually taught about all this at skool all those years ago

Jesus there are some die-hard dont knows
can we limit that to - - - I dont know but others do?

was it Dionysius Obliquus - anyway he got the relative dates wrongo but not so wrongo that we er dont know (yawn)

Latins: ab urbe condita - bit more latin folks! from the founding of the city ( Rome of course Silly) 752BC
OR consule x que Y - when X and Y were consults. yearly lists were kept

Greeks - dating from the Olympiads. That is how we know Aeschylus wrote his rib-tickler Agamemnon - because it won a prize in the Yth year of the 22/43 Oympiad

then they did AD - wokes say CE ( Christian era) and said DIonysius miscounted

Tired, got down to here
welll dont say - dont know
oh god come back, wake up
etouc k' kaisape - - in the 10th year of Caesar

like this
on this

Blimey if you are arrested by the police and looked up at them with your honest round eyes and bleated
I dont know when I was born officer
( coz your mum alway said April 1st and your dad April2nd)
would you really get away with that ?
I always was told it was late summer 4BC.But best to ask Lie-in King first,he knows everything about anything.
Who told you that, ynna?
pity his birthday was at Xmas - only got one present instead of 2! (or 3? - dunno what a baby does with gold, frankincense & myhrr.)
He missed out on Easter eggs though
I once humiliated myself in an Ancient History tutorial by referring to Christ having been born in 0BC!! "Er, I must stop you there. There was no 0BC." 'Anno Domni' simply means 'In the year of our Lord' so 25th December 1 A.D. was the year he was allegedly born - or using the dating system at the time - it was Ab Urbe Condita 753. Rome was actually founded in 753BC. A.U.C. means 'from the foundation of the City'. No one used BC or AD until around the 400s or 500s AD when some monk tried to work out what year it was - maybe that bloke Peter Pedant mentions. The calculations had a few errors so the best current estimate is that it was actually around 4BC so it is now really 2026 and I can go collect my pension immediately - unless they just raised the pension-age again. Does anyone know of any documentary/manuscript evidence (not including the bible) for the existence of JC? I know Tacitus has a single line that mentions him, but that is thought to be a later interpolation.
If the current date is the number of years since He was born why doesn't New Year's day coincide with Christmas Day?

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