Billy The Kid

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tiggerblue10 | 21:47 Sat 27th Nov 2021 | History
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As you've never seen him before. I loved these colourized photos from the past.;s=19


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clever isn't it? :-) Amazing what technology can do.
Very clever, but it has to be said, Billy looked a bit like Cletus the slack jawed yokel. ;-)
Wonder if Pat Garratt has seen that one?.
Aye,Henry McCarty had a colourful life...till he was gunned down in cold blood,that is...
Amazing stuff.

Did you see some of the cat art below, Tiggs? Love the one of kittens.
Ahh,well,from pictures of a legendary wild west cowboy to pictures of kittens..AB has them all..tooosh...
It was WOMENSART on Twitter. Certainly worth celebrating as much as the restored images of the past.
Apparently there are now two confirmed photos of Billy The Kid;

nice croquet picture there too, Ken, just the thing to play on one's country estate in New Mexico. He probably dabbled in a little sphairistike as well.
Think that one has still to be confirmed as the 'real deal', jno.
And, yes, i Googled 'sphairistike' :-)
The guy is a genius, I've followed him for a couple of year, he does some really good stuff.
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I looked for the cat art and kitten, Pasta, but couldn't find it.
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Yes Webbo, he is good as is Marina Amaral.
Tigger...I just scrolled down past the comments on the Billy the Kid photos..."more tweets". Of course, the same ones aren't there now.

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Billy The Kid

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