Who Invented The Word Trouble

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jwatts1981 | 05:21 Sun 06th Jun 2021 | History
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Who invented the word trouble for it to come into play meaning to make it a word in the dictionary


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trouble (n.) c. 1200, "agitation of the mind, emotional turmoil," from Old French truble, torble "trouble, disturbance" (12c.), from trubler / torbler (see trouble (v.)). From early 15c. as "a concern, a cause for worry;" 1590s as "something that causes trouble." Meaning "unpleasant relations with the authorities" is from 1550s.
there would be no way of knowing who invented the word, but as you can see its a very old word.
Adam as in " Now we are in trouble Eve"

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Who Invented The Word Trouble

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