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Domino20 | 20:48 Tue 11th May 2021 | History
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What area in Palestinian does Victoria Starmers family own property


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I don't even know where Palestinian is.
What makes you think that VS owns land or property in Palestine?

A person doesn't need to have any direct personal interests in Palestine in order to campaign for the rights of its people.
St. John's Wood - his wife is of Jewish extraction, not Palestinian..
// St. John's Wood - his wife is of Jewish extraction, not Palestinian..//
but sin Johns wood is a very nice bit of palestinian they tell me

good property prices, schools
golly she wasnt one of the ones dancing around the bonfire on the dome of the rock was she? bit of a gal obviously
a solicitor too, just like Cherie and Cherie owns her pair of flats in D-block, Bristol. Now does VS really have flats in Herchallahbra land?

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Victoria Starmers Family

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