70S Jackie Mag!

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eleanor2 | 18:29 Mon 28th Dec 2020 | History
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Murray, thought of you when I watched both these links. I never knew it was actually published in Dundee, not London!!
Two links on the history of Jackie, and another with original staff that worked on the mag!


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Question Author
thompsons in Dundee also The Beano The Dandy very famous for journalism too..had a big journo training school at one time...

The Jackie was THE bible for teenage girls
How do I know if he fancies me, and how to snog.....
minty was a page 3 model in jackie!
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Nina Myskow who was once editor in chief was the clever lady that thought of the centre pics that you collected each week that made a full poster, the head being the last as that was the seller!! :0)
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Yes so I read murray!
rowan, laugh out loud! x
I can remember the excitement of looking forward to the next copy.
Dt, she probably was! ;0)
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Well, it's a great nostalgia trip back, enjoy! x
Is it ok to French kiss on a first date
No dear a nice boy won't expect it
How about with another girl
The editor fainted
Just after John Lennon released 'Lez it be.'

The real Jackie lyrics -

When I find myself in times of trouble
Maudlin Jackie comes to me
Speaking words of femdom, lez it be
And in my hour of darkness
She is standing right in front of me
Cracking a whip for wisdom, lez it be
Lez it be, lez it be
Lez it be, lez it be
Whispering words of obedience, lez it be
I used to write pop features for Jackie, Jackie Pop Special, Patches and Blue Jeans, happy days!!
I think Let it be was Paul.

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70S Jackie Mag!

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