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Abbot and castello go to Mars
K Pax
back to the future III
I'm a huge Star Wars nerd, but if you want just a single movie, Blade Runner.
The ones I star in
I like the John Wyndham ones too.
Forbidden Planet.

(Anyone remember that one? Came out in 1956.)
Saw it at the theatre... if it's the same one?
Equilibrium with Christian Bale
Bladerunner for me.

I am currently enjoying ‘Raised by Wolves’ TV series. It is not yet available in the UK but should be soon, so look out for it. Ridley Scott is closely involved, directing some episodes. It looks great, and is quite different from the usual sci-fi take.

Is Star Wars actually scifi? It seemed more like fantasy to me.
Arrods, starring a young Leslie Neilsen.
//Is Star Wars actually scifi? It seemed more like fantasy to me.//

I agree, it's a space opera fantasy movie. There's nothing scientific about The Force.
My little pony
oops sorry I thought he wrote sex film
er as Mozza - Blade Runner
or - - the tee vee episode of Dr Who and the first appearance of the Dalek ( watched behind a sofa of course)
or the quatermass tv series - yeah that one from the sixties
with the gravel going all wavy

Check out the trailer above.
Terminator II and Predator......

......and Weird Science ;o)
Logan's Run. Don't remember too much of the story but Jenny Agutter looked extra sexy in that 'barely-there' outfit :-))
pixie, you probably mean "return to the forbidden planet"
forbidden planet made famous by rocky horror "Ann francis stars in (oh oh ohhhh) forbidden planet"

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