In The Modern Us Military, What Rank Actually Has The Most Involvement With Fighting The War, Not Directing It?

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Amelianovakxox | 18:51 Thu 11th Jul 2019 | History
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I’m writing something a small fiction piece regarding the military and whilst I’ve been researching I’m still not entirely sure but I want to make it as true to current US military as possible. The idea is that the person has been on tour for a year in the military and comes home as a surprise. Any help or other facts that I should know would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


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My pure guess would be, aren't there many many more privates than other ranks ?
The roles typically related to each rank within the US army can be found on this website:
(Click the tabs to see the full range)
Same as it always has been, the poor bloody infantry.
I am not sure if it is sensible to ask a group of albeit helpful Brits about US army ranks

even those who have served in the army, I have to ask -
sergeant - or sar'nt, enough to drive you crazy....
You don't specify which branch you have in mind, but I will assume that you mean the Army. The rank of Private is too obvious, so I take it that your are talking about an officer. The lowest ranking officer in the US Army who is actually leading troops and fighting along-side them is a Second Lieutenant. Is that what you are looking for?
I watched on TV,last night, a programme about a US marine platoon (s). It would appear that the platoon sergeant on the ground and conducting patrols is I/C the operation,having been briefed by a Captain.When it goes ting tong the Sergeant requests additional artillery support or air support from the Captain who lies on his ass in a FOB and decides if he should request the assistance and wether it complies with rules of Engagement etc etc blah blah.
As usual the PBI or Grunt has to rely on a rupert who is not in the field and getting the incoming.
That was my assessment of US military operations.The UK operations appear to operate differently and the ruperts actually get involved.
No doubt Balders,who has actual combat experience and was wounded in action can confirm or deny what I say.
And don't forget that it's Second "Lootenant" and not "Leftenant":)

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In The Modern Us Military, What Rank Actually Has The Most Involvement With Fighting The War, Not Directing It?

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