What Does 'bobolovsky's Balloon' Refer To?

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Rodge2 | 17:20 Fri 10th Aug 2018 | History
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There used to be a pub called this in Glasgow. Does anyone know what it is? Some reference to an artwork maybe?


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I think it’s made up. There was a bar in London called Schmolenski’s Balloon. I think that was made up too.
it seems to be an artwork by Alexandra Gardner but I can't find an image of it.
Yeah I think Zacs is right, all I can find with that name is the Glasgow Pub, the Company that owns it and Alexandra Gardner who painted it.
She must have been a customer, she titles the image 'Memory'
Yes, woof. It’s a painting of the bar.
This shows a picture of the exterior @ 88 Mitchell Street, Glasgow
There was also an eatery Bobolovsky's - in Munich, maybe it's a surname.
Found a strange website ‘Germans from Russian Herritage’. It’s definately a genuine name
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@Mamyalynne: Yes! that is the interior. They used to have one of those lovely little compact Eavestaff pianos towards the back on the left. It always had a really nice atmosphere. Haven't been in Glasgow for decades until recently and went to see if it was still there. It's an eating place now. Thanks for all the info :)
It's been an interesting thread.
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Actually, I've just had another look at that old photo, Flonska. I assumed it was now Barolo's Grill, but it is actually the premises to the right of Barolo's, which now seems closed down, well on Google street view, anyway. Sad, it was a lovely place inside.

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What Does 'bobolovsky's Balloon' Refer To?

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